Manors – Made In England

Very early on in this journey, we agreed that we would do everything possible to ensure the majority, if not all, of our manufacturing would take place in England. The opportunity to collaborate closely with our manufacturers has proved to be a crucial part of creating a golf and lifestyle clothing collection with genuine appeal both on-and-off the course.

Footage of our knitwear factory in England

It was about more than being close to our product. As consumers ourselves, we had become increasingly aware of our responsibility to make our garments as sustainable as possible. This has meant that currently, Manors splits its production between two specialist factories – one in the Midlands, the other in our capital city, London.

Investing in local factories has allowed us to restrict the distances travelled in manufacture and, in turn, reduce the amount of carbon attached to each Manors garment. Much like repairing your pitch marks on the green, we’re doing our bit to keep our house in order and show the same respect to our planet.

Manors Factory Trip-42

Shipping goods requires cars, motorbikes, boats and airplanes for international orders. All of these packages have a carbon footprint associated with that transport. So Manors decided to team up with Carbon Footprint to help each customer offset that carbon footprint. For a small additional fee our customers can opt into our Green Fee service. This donation will then be paid to Carbon Footprint who use the funds raised to offset that carbon.

Manors is proud to support the hard working factory owners and staff of England. Thank you Barbra and her team for letting us film on a cold winter’s day last November.

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