Zip Off Tech Plus Fours

Relaxed Fit

The First Ever Technical Plus Fours

Plus fours were originally introduced as an extravagant and carefree alternative to traditional Knickerbockers in 1920’s Britain. At a time when the sport was beginning to find style, golfers soon realised plus fours were not just an exceptional statement, they also provided extra flexibility and comfort; they’ve been worn on the course ever since. The new Manors, relaxed fitting Zip Off Tech Plus Fours are a tribute to the original stylish golfer.

Product Features

Subtle Logo

Let your golf do the talking.

3 Cargo Pockets For Storage

Spare golf balls advised.

Adjustable Belt

Fit to play.

Zips and Toggles

The first ever tech plus four.


Acknowledging Tradition Doesn't Mean You're Bound By It

The Frontier Collection. Vol 1.

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Made by Golfers

We spend a lot of time on the golf course. So much that we decided to make a brand that produced the highest quality golf wear tested on the links.