An Interview with Connor and Chris from Studio72

Words by: James Wilson
Photography by:Jack Ducey

We recently sat down (virtually) with Connor and Chris of the Los Angeles based design collective Studio72, to find out a little more about them and their passion for contemporary, golf-centric design.

Where did the idea for Studio72 come from?

Connor: "It started last summer when we noticed there wasn’t any contemporary golf artwork that we would hang in our own homes. Everything felt a little stale and underwhelming. We both come from graphic design backgrounds and decided to create our own artwork inspired by the game we all enjoy. From there spawned our modern, abstract golf course map style and a ton of other golf-inspired pieces of artwork."

Where do you see contemporary design fitting in with a sport where the culture for the most part, lags behind the rest of the world?

Connor: "A great place to see contemporary design fit into golf would be the specific branding on PGA tournaments. While this game has more history and legacy than most, giving tournaments a more modern look would be an easy win and move the story of golf forward. A great example of this in a different sport, is the rebranding of the Preakness. A fresh aesthetic for an historic event."

Who or what is your biggest design inspiration?

Connor: "Within the golf world, it’s the handful of contemporary brands who are truly bringing something new to the table. The golf industry is filled with repetitiveness, so seeing the few who are bringing something truly fresh inspire me to do the same."

Chris: "I didn’t grow up playing golf much, I just started about 4 years ago! So, for me I wasn’t really aware of anything in the golf world when I got into it. I would just bring my own style to the course. This helped me not have a preconceived notion of ‘golf style’ so when we started Studio72 I used my everyday inspirations from album cover art, swiss design, punk posters, minimal art and everything between. To me that is where it gets interesting. Being inspired from the world off the course and bringing it to the greens."

What are your favorite local courses to play?

Connor: "All the LA munis hold a special place in my heart. Westchester is one specifically I play almost weekly. Only a par 64, with nine par 3’s so it’s a fun round that will test your mid-iron and short game pretty well. But shoutout Soule Park in Ojai, about 2 hours north of Los Angeles. A stellar course in the Topatopa Mountain range, with incredible backdrops. Always worth the drive up there."

Chris: "This is funny because I was born and raised smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles. I then bounced all around the different LA cities in my twenties... and... I never played golf! I didn’t start until I moved to South Carolina 4 years ago. I’m not going to bore anyone with my local munis I play out here in the upstate, ha! But, I did go on a trip last year and played Tobacco Road up in North Carolina. SO. SICK. Everyone needs to play it at least once."

What are your favorite designs that you have created for Studio72?

Connor: "My favorite designs we’ve created are the HM Masters and the Box of ProVees prints. The HM print keeps things super clean, while honoring an historic feat. And the Box of ProVees is perfectly abstract and in neutral tones that I have always loved." 

Chris: "I have infinite love for any of the simple typographic posters we have made along the way. I’m a sucker for those."

If you could play any course in the world what would it be?

Connor: "Taking the obvious answer being Augusta, off the board, a public track I would have to choose is The Old Course. A true links style course is hard to come by over here in the States. Plus, being able to walk the fairways and greens of where this game all started would be unmatched."

Chris: "I’m gonna agree with Connor on that one. I would love to pipe one on 18, yew! Seems like a lovely spot to enjoy too many pints after as well!"

What's the dream for Studio72?

Connor: "The dream is to become the design agency for all things golf, to create meaningful artwork in collaboration with brands who are separate from the rest of the pack and to be part of the community who propels the world of golf into its next phase."