Gotham Municipal Golf Course

Words by: Luke Davies
Photography by:Will Watt

*To be read in a husky Batman voice*

Funded by the Wayne family’s deep pockets and deeper sense of civic duty, Gotham Municipal GC was once regarded as the finest public course in the state. A beacon of elegance and hope in this city of perpetual twilight. But Gotham, in its insatiable hunger, devours even its brightest lights.

Disrepute and rising crime, the cancers of this urban sprawl, spread to every corner. The Muni was no exception. The fairways grew wild, the greens untamed. Shadows crept in where sunlight used to dance, and the course fell silent, a graveyard of forgotten hope.

Now, it stands as a ghost of what it once was. The clubhouse, once a hub of camaraderie and warmth, sits derelict, windows shattered like the dreams of those who once played here. The grass, chokes under weeds and neglect. Even the statues of the Wayne family, proud sentinels of the course, wear a shroud of grime and graffiti.

In the end, Gotham reclaims everything. Even the sanctuaries built by its favoured sons. The city breathes through decay and despair, and Gotham Muni, in its quiet desolation, is but another reflection of the darkness that engulfs this place.

I watch, ever vigilant, knowing that even in this ruin, there is a story to be told. Another chapter in the unending saga of Gotham's relentless grip.