Hogwarts School GC

Words by: Luke Davies
Photography by:Will Watt

Founded by the pioneer of wizarding golf, Robert Alister McGonnagal – the tail of HSGC’s conception is as magical as its surroundings. Hailing from a long line of Scottish enthusiasts, McGonnagal found himself banned from muggle events due to suspicions of foul play. In retaliation, he decided to bring the thrill of golf to the wizarding community, ensuring a legacy that would transcend generations.

Hagrid, Hogwarts lovable half-giant groundskeeper, tends to the enchanted greens and caters to weary golfers in his iconic stone halfway house.

The Whomping Willow Par 3

Nestled beside the infamous Whomping Willow, this short hole proves to be more challenging than a transfiguration exam. Beware, any ball that draws towards the foliage is likely to be swiped away by a swift flick of a tree branch, leaving even the most skilled wizards in a leafy predicament.

The Forbidden Forest Fairway

Despite the treacherously narrow fairways, rumour has it that Hagrid has trained the Hippogriffs to find golf balls. But the wildlife in the dense rough isn’t all this friendly, a bogey might be the least of your concerns on this stretch of the course.

The Unofficial Course Record

While Gilderoy Lockhart may claim the title, Dumbledore reinstated Robert McGonnagal's long-standing record, stating “Lockhart's record is as reliable as his memory charm abilities.”

As the course faces the challenges of post-Voldemort reconstruction, one can't help but hope for the restoration of the Hogwarts School Golf Course to its former magical glory. Until then, wizards and witches will continue to tee off amidst the echoes of history and the rustle of enchanted foliage. With all the witchcraft and wizardry available, there is no magic equal to that of a pure strike.

This artwork was created by founder of Contours, Will Watt. Through a combination of visually stunning content, thought-provoking interviews and immersive storytelling, Contours is a way to appreciate the extraordinary artistry that lies beneath the surface of the golfing landscape. At its core, Contours seeks to redefine the way we percieve golf by showcasing the artistic, experiential and architectural aspects of the game that often go unnoticed."