Josh Park: Swing Instructor

Words by: James Wilson
Photography by:Ollie Allison & Harvey Jamieson

We met Josh Park 2 years ago. On a bit of a whim, we flew him from his home in Orange County to the Scottish Hebrides to feature in the campaign film for Volume 1 of The Frontier Collection.

Josh has made a name for himself as something of a celebrity golf coach. The likes of Bruno Major, Salim the Dream and Margaux Brooke are drawn to Josh because he’s every bit as much of a star as they are. He reads rooms, and intuitively switches between entertainer, educater, or humble listener based on what his students require.

I wouldn’t call him an influencer because most people are loath to adopt that title. But Josh’s hands-on approach to the golf swing and his mission to improve the knowledge of his students makes him an influencer in the purest sense of the word. After contorting the MANORS group on that fateful Scotland trip into the correct swing positions, we were hooked.

It made sense, then, that Josh would become the resident MANORS swing coach. That means two things: he has to reply to our Marketing Director at midnight when he wakes up with nightmares of the shanks. But more importantly, it means we have packaged up some of his endless golf swing knowledge into digestible tutorial chunks.

Whether its slices, tops or hooks, you'll be sure to find something that will help your game. Watch Josh's most popular Swing Instructor episode below, and head to the MANORS Instagram to see more.