Night Clubs and Night Golf

Words by: Adem Wahbi

As a professional golfer when I travel - it’s head down - there to win. With MANORS it’s a little different. You probably want to hear about golf, but I’ve played a lot of golf - I haven't done many big nights out - not in South Korea.

Night 1, completely jet lagged, but we made it to a place called Euljiro Bosu for dinner. 8 seats, the chef serves you omakase style. Wow.

I’m not into clubbing, (or I didn’t think I was) but man, it was amazing. Even if you’re not drinking you can’t help but pick up the energy - I won’t name names but someone in the MANORS team had a bit too much energy. We finished the night with some fried chicken - I’ve always been into that.

We did play golf. On the perfect fairways and greens of Seowon Hills Golf Club. Maybe the best I’ve played anywhere. The golf buggies drive themselves, apparently normal in South Korea. They stay on the cart path and the caddies press a remote control button that takes you forward. You tee off in the early evening light and the sun sets whilst you play. You get every second of golden hour - and then you’re under the floodlights. Golf is so popular in South Korea they need night golf to meet the demand.

At the 8th hole we ordered food for the halfway hut where an enforced break gave us time to eat a full blown Korean menu. I’m talking Kimchi, noodles, rice - everything. It’s better than a sausage for sure.

Our hosts, The Green Cup team, were amazing. They’re the movers and shakers in South Korean Golf. We played with a guy called Jinuk - such a nice guy - I knew he was kind of famous but I didn’t really know who he was. When we walked into the Green Cup x Manors pop up store everyone wanted pictures with him. He showed me some stuff he did on Netflix. In Europe we depend a lot on the US but over there they have their own movies, music, series, celebrities. The country is not that big but their culture is huge. Jinuk was just a good guy though - you could never have known he was famous.

This year I will compete in the pro game again, but every year I play golf I realise there is more to this game than winning. The Green Cup is our Korean family now. We’ll be back soon.

every year I play golf I realise there is more to this game than winning.