The Shire Country Club & Spa

Words by: Luke Davies
Photography by:Will Watt

Nestled in the rolling hills of Hobbiton lies the hidden gem of Middle-earth. A golfing paradise that transcends the bounds of fantasy – The Shire Country Club & Spa. Forget the tales of dragons and ring bearers; here the only quest you'll embark on is the pursuit of the perfect round.

As one might expect, the charm of The Shire Country Club & Spa lies not in its length but in the subtleties that lurk beneath this picturesque façade. The longest hole, the par 5 12th, stretches a mere 315 yards. But don't let the short yardage fool you. The Shire is a test of finesse, a testament to the adage that size isn't everything. The greens, smaller than a hobbit's herb garden, demand the precision of Legolas’ bow.

Hobbits, being lovers of both food and leisure, have strategically placed refreshment stands throughout the course. At the Halfway House of Elrond, enjoy a pint of the finest ale and some lembas bread to keep you fuelled for the back nine. Rumour has it that the 19th hole, The Bouncing Birdie, serves the best post-round mead in all of Middle-earth.

Now for the hazards. Forget sand traps and water hazards - at The Shire CC, you'll encounter hazards straight out of the darkest corners of Mordor. The Balrog Bunker is strategically placed just short of the risk-reward par 4 7th.

Some may scoff at the notion of a golf course in Middle-earth, but those in the know understand that The Shire Country Club & Spa is a golf experience like no other. An absolute must-visit for any creature looking to escape the mundane and embark on an adventure.

So, grab your clubs, channel your inner hobbit, and embark on a round that will leave you yearning for a second breakfast – and maybe a few more strokes off your scorecard.