2.5L Waterproof Shirt

Relaxed Fit

The 2.5 L Waterproof Shirt is a stylish and practical golfing essential. Light, waterproof, breathable, and loose fitting for a committed swing in any weather.

The Frontier Collection. Vol 1.

The Waterproof shirt is the perfect companion for the unpredictable weather patterns that often characterise the world’s great golf courses. Easily slip this over any garment, or in any bag, for total, loose fitting, breathable protection. No more hiding under trees waiting for the rain to pass

never sacrifice style for performance

Product Features

2.5L Waterproof

Waterproof and breathable.

Heat Sealed Seems

Waterproof means waterproof.

3 Waterproof Pockets

No more soggy scorecards.

Waterproof Zip

Total protection from a sudden deluge.


For seasons, wind and weather

2.5L Waterproof Shirt

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