Manors – Made In England

Very early on in this journey, we agreed that we would do everything possible to ensure the majority, if not all, of our manufacturing would take place in England. The opportunity to collaborate closely with our manufacturers has proved to be a crucial part of creating a… read more

For Patty

To celebrate #InternationalWomensDay, Manors golf recognises one of the most important women to ever pick up a club - Patty Berg (1918-2006). Nicknamed Dynamite by one of her sponsors; she was, and still remains, a key part of golf’s heritage and the ever growing success of the women’s game. read more


Adem Wahbi and His Golfing Journey

Following the release of their Classic Collection, Manors has announced their first player sponsorship deal with Adem Wahbi. Adem, who was born with spastic diplegia, a form a cerebral palsy, is known for his unique style, wicked sense of humour and a refreshing perspective on the… read more